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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you determine the cost of a move?
By the number of rooms of furniture & boxes, any stairs, elevators and distance from residence to where the moving truck can park. By answering these questions we can determine the number of men and approximate hours for your move.
How can I keep the cost of my move down?
Schedule your move early. By having all boxes packed and stacked, having all furniture items disassembled and ready to move.
What happens if it's raining?
It is unlikely that it will stop us from completing your move. It may, however, slow us down.
Can you arrange furniture in my new home?
Naturally. We'll make sure you're completely satisfied with your new home's furniture arrangement before we leave.
Can you provide protection for floors and doorways?
Yes! We use floor runners and door jamb protectors.
Can you disassemble and reassemble furniture?
Yes we can, at no additional cost.
Do I need to empty out my drawers?
Not usually. However, if your drawers are filled with anything denser than clothing, you might want to consider removing it.
Should I tip the movers?
Moving is a service industry, so if you like our service, you can feel free to tip accordingly.